Mcdonalds cleaning procedures

One of the biggest challenges of running a busy restaurant is keeping the kitchen clean. With a multitude of activities happening all the time, regular cleaning can seem overwhelming if you don't have a system in place. To help maintain a hygienic commercial kitchen, develop a handy list that outlines how to keep your restaurant kitchen spic and span. Some jobs should be done several times a day, while others need only be done weekly or monthly.

9now nrl

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Portainer docker

Here I have 2 methods for running portainer on windows, a quick, preferred method only requiring a fairly recent version of docker, or a more complicated method to try if that does not work. This setup will let you run Portainer on windows by using the docker.

Fine art paintings

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Hx711 module

The electronic weighing machine uses a load cell to measure the weight produced by the load, here most load cells are following the method of a strain gauge, Which converts the pressure force into an electrical signal, these load cells have four strain gauges that are hooked up in a Wheatstone bridge formation. Each and every component are described below further. A load cell is a transducer that is used to create an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured. It is basically a device that measures strain and then converts force into electric energy which serves as a measurement for scientists and workers.